Hibbing Apartment Residents Request Security Cameras

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Multiple complaints about theft and vandalism at an apartment complex in Hibbing have paid off for concerned residents.

More than half of the 60 tenants at First Avenue Apartments signed a petition for security cameras to be installed for safety.

Residents we spoke to highlighted a few safety concerns including theft, vandalism, and people leaving the back doors unlocked.

“There are a lot of people at the back doors. They stick quarters in the doors to keep them open,” said 15-year resident, Joel Anderson.

“People (are) coming in for drug deals. (They) jam open the door and come in just to deal drugs,” explained Erick Cassivo.

In large part due to some residents’ persistence and a signed petition, change is coming in the form of $16,000 and the installation of 16 security cameras.

Public housing at First Avenue Apartments is managed by the Hibbing Housing and Redevelopment Authority, better known as HRA.

Jackie Prescott, Hibbing HRA’s executive director said the cameras weren’t in the original budget, but that changed due to safety concerns.

“First of all the safety of our residents is number one. Second is protecting our investment. We recently remodeled the entire complex, all 60 units,” said Prescott.

The cameras are set to be installed this spring.

They will be placed in the court yard, outside the building’s entrances, and in the community room.

Any time the security cameras sense movement, they’ll begin recording.

Prescott said it’s a high-tech program, allowing herself, as well as police and fire to download an app on their smart phones and watch the cameras in real-time.

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