CDC: 8.5% of All Deaths Are Flu-Related

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Eight and a half percent of all deaths reported were because of pneumonia and influenza, according to the CDC.

Last week, 19 children died bringing the total number of pediatric flu deaths to 45 this season.

A CDC report also found this year’s vaccine is only 23 percent effective.

That means people should take more steps to protect themselves from the flu.


American mothers are seeing double more than ever before.

The CDC says the twin birth rate among U.S. women hit a record high in 2013.

About 33 out of every 1,000 deliveries were twins.

That’s a two percent increase from 2012.

Health officials say the uptick might be linked to women having children later in life and more use of fertility treatments.


Don’t stress over the time you spend on social media.

A new study says using it can actually lower stress.

Researchers found women who use Twitter, email and share pictures report having about 21 percent less stress.

But that can change when stressful events happen to other people in your social network.

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