Hundreds March the Streets of Duluth Honoring Civil Rights Icon

March Heads to MLK Day Rally at the DECC

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Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and Duluthians of all ages, races, and creeds walked in solidarity under Dr. King’s message of peace and equality.

Meeting at the Washington Center in Downtown Duluth, the group proudly waved signs and sang uplifting songs as they took a route several blocks into downtown toward the DECC.

Many people were seen holding signs saying “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” a message made popular in recent protests following high profile shooting deaths in major US cities.

Those attending the march say Dr. King’s message in the height of the civil rights movement still resonates with them today.

“I always think Dr. King’s holiday is still very important,” said Scot Bol, a marcher adorned in many signs of protest. “He was probably our greatest peace maker in US history, figuring how we can stand up against injustice.”

There were plenty of children in the march as well.

One, an eleven-year-old named Selena Moore, says she came with her whole family – and she understands exactly what Dr. King’s message was:

“It’s just…his dream that we can all come together and get along, and he just wants us to be happy instead of fighting,” Moore said.

The march made its way to West Fifth Avenue, on the way to the DECC, for a rally futher honoring Dr. King.

Gospel music resonated through the Symphony Hall at the DECC, as praise and worship greeted those attending the rally.

The music was apropos, considering the civil rights icon spent many years as a Baptist minister.

Said Bol, being around so many uniting under the banner of justice and equality means that Dr. King’s dreams are still in everyone’s hearts.

“I think he’d say we need to speak up. If things are unjust we have to speak up about it. We have to come together and talk to each other, lock arms, and speak out in a strong way together,” he said.

The rally at the DECC was the last of many events from the Twin Ports MLK Holiday Committee; events began last Thursday on Dr. King’s actual birthday. 

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