Caleb O’Conner Ready to Prove Himself

Northern Star O'Conner

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“The fact that you can’t be out there with them hurts the most.”

Wrenshall Senior fullback, Caleb O’Conner, was forced to miss his entire junior year of football due to a major injury.

“He tore his ACL and his MCL the first, the very first day of practice last year and he had to sit out all year,” said Wrenshall football coach Jeremy Zywicki.

And it was a rough year for Caleb to say the least.

“It’s not fun at all. It’s the worst feeling you can imagine. Watching your teammates lose or win from the sidelines,” said O’Conner.

Caleb wasn’t content watching from the sidelines, and put in the extra work when he could.

“He rehabbed it and really worked hard. And even in the weight room last year he was one of our top lifters,” said coach Zywicki.

“I definitely worked a lot more in the offseason than I did last year and it’s definitely paid off,” O’Connner said.

And that constant hard work has not gone unnoticed by his teammates and coaches.

“He’s the type of kid that any football player would want on their team. He does what you ask and does it to the best of his abilities,” coach Zywicki said.

And while he’s back on the field, has the respect of his teammates, and is in the starting lineup, Caleb still feels like he has to show something.

“I have to prove myself still. Cuz I mean, I didn’t play last year, I didn’t prove myself then and so I guess I still have to prove myselfm,” O’Conner said.

He has done more than prove himself in the Wrens first few games. And coming back to succeed from a serious injury.

“It says a lot for him on what he’s accomplished and what he’s done,” coach Zywicki said.

And he’ll continue to succeed in the Wrens back field for as long as he pushes to prove himself on the field. 

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