Gridiron Girl: Ava Szczyrbak

Szczyrbak Flashes Skills on Field

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“Being the only girl is weird sometimes, but you get over it,” said Moose Lake/Willow River junior Ava Szczyrbak.

Ava Szczyrbak got more than a few double takes when she first strapped on the pads.

“I’d go in the locker room getting ready for football every practice and the cross country girls and volleyball girls would be in there and be like, wait a sec, you play football? What is this?” said Szczyrbak.

It’s a Szczyrbak family tradition, Ava wanted to be a part of.

“I’ve always loved football. I grew up in a football family,” Szczyrbak said.

An inspirational football family that includes a dad, who helps coach the Rebels, and a brother who play college ball.

“My brother, I’ve always looked up to him. He was awesome at football, so I wanted to be awesome too,” she said.

And she has succeeded, especially at motivating her fellow Rebels…

“If the boys are slacking, she pushes harder and doesn’t let the boys get away with anything. She’s got a great attitude,” said Moose Lake/Willow River football coach Dave Louzek.

An attitude that has made a positive impression on her teammates.

“The guys are great. They’ve all accepted me. I showed them what I could do and I work as hard as I can every time,” Szczyrbak said.

“Ava’s got that great personality where she really fits in to the locker room and really fits in with the guys,” said coach Louzek.

Ava might get discouraged at times, but she has a field full of teammates ready to pick her up.

“They’re so passionate about football that it makes me passionate too. They want it so bad that it just rubs off on you and makes you want it really bad too,” said Szczyrbak.

Hard work, passion and a winning attitude, makes this Rebel a gridiron girl.

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