Gridiron Girl: Two Harbors Jessie Juenemann

Northern Star Juenemann

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“They always say the most competitive games draw the most competitive kind of people and I think that’s it right there,” said Two Harbors coach Tom Nelson.

Being driven and competitive has never been an issue for Two Harbor’s Jessie Juenemann, who puts high expectations on her foot.

“I expect myself to want to kick it through the two bars and that’s what I think every time before I kick. I want this and the team needs it,” said Juenemann.

Coming into the season the Agates were in need of field goal kicker. That’s when, the junior who’s played soccer her whole life, decided to give football a try.

“We said, hey come out, obviously you can be a part of the team and if you win the job, you win the job. It’s your job and she did. She’s extremely consistent, extremely accurate, extremely coachable. She’s a fierce competitor and I enjoy coaching her,” said coach Nelson.

This fierce competitor loves kicking the butts of her unsuspecting opponents.

“When we’re shaking hands, a lot of the guys don’t know you’re a girl. They walk past you and they’re like whoa, she’s a girl. It’s just really cool to be like yeah I showed you up,” Juenemann said.

Juenemann may be the lone girl taking the field for the Agates, but the when the bright lights shine on Friday nights, any concerns fade away.

“Just the feeling you get when you walk on the field with the lights underneath you is just really great,” said Juenemann.

A fierce competitor with passion and a strong right foot, makes Jessie Juenemann a gridiron girl.

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