LSSD Wants To Keep 4-Day School Week

District Needs Approval From State

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Right now, students within the Lake Superior School District only hit the books four days a week. But the Minnesota Department of Education wants the district back to a five-day calendar.

While the tradition in the classroom is five days, the North Shore District can request a yearly special schedule from the state.

A board meeting was held Tuesday night to discuss the pros and cons of going back to a traditional school year calendar.

The board reviewed everything from school achievement to financial aspects.

After having a four-day school week for five years, the district knows it helps save a significant amount of money, especially with bus transportation costs.

In total, the school has saved $180,000 with the current four-day school week calendar.

On the flip side, school officials say having a five-day school week would help increase student achievement and growth.

“We did not demonstrate significant student growth. When you look at our date, the trend date over the last couple of years and you compare that to the states, our graphs look very much the same,” said Supt. William Crandall.

The feelings about re-applying among the board members have been split in past meetings.

But at Tuesday night’s meeting, the board voted for the four-day schedule again.

The application will be due April 15.  

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