Newman Sets Barnum Career Mark

Northern Star Brandon Newman

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“Leadership is a hard thing to define, but you know it when you see it. He is the leader of our team,” said Barnum basketball coach Rich Newman.

Brandon Newman has grown to be a leader on the Barnum basketball team. A role that’s in his blood.

“Having my dad as a coach, you gotta be in the gym every day. He’s always pushing us. There’s also that family competition between me and my siblings. Just my whole life I’ve been in the gym, just playing,” said Barnum senior Brandon Newman.

All that time in the gym has put Brandon as Barnums’s all time leading scorer and on the cusp of two thousand career points. But this quite star plays for more than breaking records.

“The love of the game. I love this game, I love to compete. Being raised in a sport athletic kind of family. I just love to compete go out and do my best,” said Brandon.

That love for the game and competition runs in the Newman family, where Brandon first learned how to play with his 3 older siblings.

“I think they all understood at a young age that it just doesn’t come, you have to work at it. He was the smallest one and he took a beating but it paid off,” Rich said.

Older siblings have played a big role in his development and continue to do so.

“His sisters, but then his older brother Justin. He got to play with him for one year. I think Justin was a big influence on him. I now they talk a lot to each other if Jess has a bad game or they get lost or something. They support each other real well,” said Rich.

Support that Brandon hopes will take him to the next level.

“My sisters played at division 2 level. That’s pretty good. I hope to either play at that level or even higher,” said Brandon.

This even–keeled star is quietly leading by example and is prepared to take his team back the section finals and beyond.

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