School Board Approves Extra Red Plan Funds

$5.4 Million Left Over

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Tuesday night, the Duluth School Board voted to approve the remaining Long–Range Facilities Plan, which has $5.4 million left over from the original plan that began in 2007 with a $315 million budget to go toward various projects to improve school facilities across the district.

During the course of the last 8 years, many projects were deferred to ensure the budget was not exceeded.

But Tuesday evening, the importance of finishing those incomplete projects was discussed.

“I think just finishing these remaining work scopes is going to bring the buildings to a point of completion where everyone has been expecting them and it kind of closes that chapter for our school district,” explained Kerry Leider, Property and Risk Manager of Duluth Public Schools.

About $2.7 million is earmarked for career and tech education equipment at Duluth East and Denfeld High Schools, along with roof repairs, security updates, additional parking property, and a plan to build 6 to 8 tennis courts.

Also accounted for are other district schools, all of which have a share of the remaining money.

“Each school actually has a piece of it, very minimal, but each piece will make a big difference in things that were held out or requested by staff, that will make their teaching better,” said Duluth School Board Chairwoman Judy Seliga-Punyko.

Being that the money is coming from an already–existing plan, there will be no tax increase for district property taxpayers who began paying for this plan 7 years ago, and will continue to pay for the next 13.

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