Sziron Ready for Return to State

Northern Star: Giselle Sziron

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Giselle Sziron has been doing back flips and handstands since before she can remember and all those years of hard work and training paid off when she surprised herself by earning her second trip to state.

“I wasn’t expecting to do nearly as well as I did. It was actually my best meet all season, it worked out perfectly for me,” said Sziron.

Giselle’s coaches noticed a high level of focus going in to that final meet.

“She decided that when she was going to start with her first event, the beams, she gave it her all,” said coach Lynda Ritsche

“She was just super on point, she had her mind in the meet,” added coach Heidi Larsen.

That focus could be attibuted to not making the state meet her sophomore year after going as a freshman.

“Not going the next year really hurt. Like you realize that you do have to keep working for it if you want to make it,” Sziron said.

The hard work wasn’t the only factor in her state run, because as coach Heidi Larsen said, experience plays a big roll in getting results.

“I think it’s just her through the years maturing, getting to know what she needs to do during a meet especially if it’s a bad one. She can turn it around and knows what she has to do,” said Larsen.

Giselle will settle for nothing but the best from herself…

“She’s very critical on herself. If something that I tell her like you did so good on that, she’ll say no it wasn’t good enough. She’s very hard on herself. She knows what she needs to work on,” Larsen said.

That type of self motivation has caught the eye of teammates.

“I look up to her because she’s always a hard worker and she proves her hard work through competing,” said Cassie Strum.

And with one year still left of high school, Giselle knows she can only get better.

“I believe next year that it’s going to be even better cuz I’m going to have more of the motivation, knowing that I will, the positivity in my head will really help in improving,” Sziron said.

Self motivation, talent and great leadership abilities, all making one terrific athlete.

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