Medical Marijuana Dispensary Set to Open in Hibbing

City Officials: It's An "Exciting Opportunity"

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Hibbing’s top city leaders are calling a medical marijuana shop in their city exciting — both economically and medically.

The medical marijuana dispensary will be located in the strip mall off Highway 73, near Game Stop.

City Administrator Tom Dicklich said the new medical cannabis shop is an exciting opportunity with a lot of potential for the city, including some high-paying pharmaceutical jobs often not found on the range.

“When it comes to economic development, we don’t need 50 to 100 jobs. If this is small, we can chip away. If this is 3, 4, 5 jobs — that’s a start,” explained Dicklich.

Medical marijuana is something Mayor Rick Cannata is highly in favor of. He said he knows it has the potential to forever change the lives of those suffering from a severe medical condition.

“I can talk from personal experience. I had two children that had muscular dystrophy, so I saw them go through a lot of suffering – they both passed away,” said Mayor Cannata.

The Minnesota State Health Department has released an electronic survey to see how many people plan on using medical marijuana and where across the state they are situated.

The health department is estimating they’ll have 5,000 patients, but other estimates put it at more than 15,000.

The survey is available until Feb. 6 on the state health’s ‘Minnesota Medical Cannabis’ site.

Medical cannabis will be available in Minnesota to eligible patients this July.

However, dispensaries won’t open until 2016. 

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