Mudman Extreme Obstacle Course

Great Outdoors: Obstacle Course

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“It was awesome. nice steep terrain. good obstacles. lot of muck,” said heat winner Ryan Corby.

Muck and mud doesn’t even begin to describe the Mudman Extreme Obstacle Course.

“It’s not just a standard mud run, where you’re just going to get dirty. This is, yes you’ll get dirty but you’re going to be pushed. Going to be pushed pretty hard,” said race director Bill Corcoran.

Pushed by a number of difficult obstacles.

“We have barbed wire to crawl under, cargo nets to climb, walls to climb over. We have trenches to climb through. We’ve got fire to jump over,” said Corcoran.

“There are many difficult things in this obstacle course but maybe none of them as difficult as the ropes.”

“Our monkey ropes are probably the toughest obstacle. people really struggle with those,” Corcoran said.

“The swinging on the ropes just monkey bars but you have ropes to swing by. Vertical ropes, that was crazy,” said runner Joe Solberg.

“The swinging ropes one was tough. You gotta hold your body up over that pond,” said Corby.

And if the swinging ropes didn’t get ya dirty, the final obstacle surely did.

“That cargo net at the end and that mud pit was pretty brutal,” Corby said.

“It’s a little crazy. You can’t really believe when you get to the end and you have to go through that,” said Solberg.

So why is it that runners are willing to push themselves so much to get a little dirty.

“you get kind of tired running half marathons and 5ks and stuff. Some of these climbing, jumping, hoping, skipping and getting dirty is kind of fun,” said Tyler Rosen.

And the most important part of the race…

“Getting muddy,” said Corby.¬†

Was something that proved to not be very difficult. For any runners who laced em up, jumped over fire, trugged through mud and got a little dirty.

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