Mild Winter Helping Some Duluth Businesses

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Winter is usually a slow time for businesses.  It’s cold outside and people tend to hold back on their purchases to make up for holiday spending.

But some local shops we talked to say they are actually seeing more foot traffic than usual this year because of the mild weather.

Staff at Duluth Coffee Company say a warm cup of coffee is not the only thing that’s bringing in customers.

They, along with some other downtown businesses, believe double-digit temperatures are making people more receptive to going outside, which results in more frequent visits to local shops.

They also told FOX 21 the lack of snow is helping out.

There is more parking left over because snowfall is not taking up spaces and people are also appreciating not having to climb over snowbanks.

“So far so good, we haven’t had much of a slowdown,” Duluth Coffee Company roaster Charlie Comnick said. “I mean, it hasn’t been slow really at all. A couple of days after the holidays ended you had that kind of slow traffic but overall it’s been good.”

Duluth Public Works officials say they are also reaping the benefits of the snow deficit.  Less plowing means an ease on the budget.

“If we compare last winter with this winter, we’ve probably spent a quarter a million dollars less on salt so far and probably $50–$75,000 less on overtime,” Duluth Public Works Maintenance Manager Kelley Fleissner said. “Hopefully that trend will continue, but who knows, things could change.”

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