Duluth Pack Adds New Item to Shelves

Local Business Creates Conceal and Carry Purse

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In their 134th year of business, Duluth Pack, which prides itself on quality and made in America products that are guaranteed for life, has added a new item to its’ shelves.

They are now selling a Conceal and Carry purse, a combination of their standard shell bag and the haversack, modified with an additional pocket on the back that opens from both sides to accommodate both righties and lefties.

It also contains a removable holster.

Those who have demanded the purse?

Women, who make up one of the biggest growing markets for shooting sports.

Customer demand is how the company comes up with most of their new products.

Duluth Pack President, Tom Sega, said, “We heard this for quite some time, that ‘Would you please make us a conceal and carry purse?’ And after hearing it a few times we decided, ‘Hey, let’s do it and see what the customer response is.’ And it’s been fantastic.”

Different models of the purse are selling for anywhere between $100 and $135.

Every Duluth Pack item is made in their warehouse in Duluth.

Each item has a tag that is signed and dated by the person who created it.

To learn more about the product you can checkout their website.

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