Superior Police Officers to Wear Body Cameras

Trial Run Expected This Summer

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Following controversial killings of unarmed citizens by police, the question rises on how officers can fight crime without sparking controversy.

Law enforcement’s throughout the country may have the answer.

The Superior Police Department’s believes they are taking a step in the right direction. 

Nationally, there is a big push for police to start using body cameras at all times. 

Superior’s new police chief, Nick Alexander, has announced the department will be taking part of the initiative.

Police say the body cameras will help in creating an unbiased record of the conversations between police officers and the public. 

They also say it will aid in investigating citizen complaints and in general, improve the trust community members have with the police department. 

The only drawback is that the cameras won’t be able to capture everything. 

“They are mounted on the officers chest and they basically point forward so they don’t have the advantage of peripheral vision like an eye.  So, it’s possible an officer may see something that the camera doesn’t capture,” said Superior Police Chief, Nick Alexander. 

The majority of Superior officers will begin wearing body cameras on a trial basis this summer. 

Then, the department will experiment with different vendors to find which camera works best. 

Full implementation throughout the department is expected to happen next year. 

Police officers in Duluth began widely wearing on-body cameras in July, 2014.

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