City Brings in Consultants to Assist in Library Decision

Future of Duluth Public Library Up in the Air

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The future of the Duluth Public Library remains up in the air.

There are four directions the building may go in, which involve repairing the current building or choosing a new location all together.

The city brought in architectural consultants to evaluate the condition of the building and recommend which of those four options they think would be best for the library going forward.

Evaluations suggest that constructing a new building would not cost much more than renovating the current building, being that the layout, as it is now, is not conducive to the building’s needs.

Whichever direction is decided upon for the future of the building, the city wants to keep the library in downtown Duluth, on a bus line, accessible to all residents.

Estimates are between $24 and $30 million, and though it will be expensive, city officials say it will be worth it.

“One of the key messages we want to get out there is, if we do this right, and we take care of it right, it can last for a long time,” said Keith Hamre, Director of Planning and Construction Services for the City of Duluth.

As for the size of the building, city officials say that will be determined by programming, including e–reading and computer technology, since libraries now serve as more than just a place for people to check out books.

The next step of the process is for the citizen’s steering committee to make their recommendation to the city council of which of the four options they prefer.

That will take place on February 9th.

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