Dayton Budget Funds Early Learning, Broadband, Tax Relief

Governor Dayton Relases 2015 Budget Proposal

Gov. Mark Dayton has introduced a budget that would expand early-learning programs for Minnesota 4-year-olds, ramp up spending on a broadband build out and provide modest new property tax relief.

Dayton’s $42 billion-plus budget for the next two years was unveiled Tuesday.

It is the opening bid in a budget debate the Legislature expects to conclude in May.

His plan spreads out a proposed $1 billion surplus by putting 75 percent into programs that benefit the young, the elderly and people with disabilities.

It also contains $30 million to expand broadband Internet availability and puts $45 million into local programs that could ease property taxes.

Dayton’s voluntary pre-kindergarten plan would allow 31,000 kids to attend free, high-quality programs at a state cost of $109 million.

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