Lakewalk Task Force Recommends Walking-Only Trail Along Shore

Duluth City Council Hears Task Force Presentation

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After months of heated conversations, Duluth’s Lakewalk task force has a recommendation on how to extend it.

From 21st Avenue West to 26th Avenue West town home communities line the waterfront.

Lakewalk advocates agree a walking-only trail along the shore would be the best plan to extend the path.

Bikers, skateboarders, and rollerbladers would use the sidewalk trail along Water Street.

The task force believes the plan is a good balance to give the community what they want while giving neighbors privacy.

“As tempers cooled and as passions cooled a little bit we were finally able to have that conversation about how can we actually do this is a way that respects the neighbors,” said Duluth city councilor, Joel Sipress.

The parks commission will review the plan next month.

The city council is expected to vote to support the plan in February.

The task force is now asking for a feasibility study to determine how much the project will cost.

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