Superior Candy Shop Celebrates a Year of Success

Sweeden Sweets in Historic Building

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If you’ve taken a drive on Superior’s historic Tower Avenue, you may have noticed a candy shop in one of the old buildings there.

Sweeden Sweets is a mom and pop shop with a knack for all things sweet, and they’ve been open there for about a year now.

Candy has been a personal hobby for owner Dan Klarner for year.

“I’ve been making candy with my daughter since she was two years old. I’ve been making it forever,” Klarner said.

Now that his daughter is all grown up, they are now in business together, making sugary treats for the city of Superior.

“We’re trying to make it a fun place for kids to come and enjoy themselves like years ago,” Klarner said.

After learning the art of being a chocolatier, Klarner says he didn’t know what to expect when finally opening Sweeden Sweets last January.

“We soon found out that there was a need for a candy store in Superior. A lot of people like the candy; they like to buy it, like to choose like they did years ago,” Klarner said.

And the business continued to grow, beyond expectations.

“We slowly expanded as people requested different things and things that would fit into our little thing,” Klarner said.

Their little thing not only has chocolates and fudge, but jelly beans, flavored popcorn, and handmade ice cream.

They even opened a holiday location at the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth.

Not bad for a little old-fashioned candy shop in Superior, Wisconsin.

“It’s a bit more than we envisioned when we first opened up,” Klarner says. “I’d like to thank everybody, because without everybody coming here – they like our candy, the ice cream, the popcorn. Without everybody coming in and enjoying themselves, we wouldn’t stay in business.”

When asked if he’d further expand to another permanent location, Dan Klarner says he’s considering it, if he can get another big kitchen.

He says if he does expand, he will keep it in the family.

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