U.S Coast Guard Says Think Twice With Ice

Fluctuating Temperature Cause 6 Ice Rescues

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The U.S Coast Guard is continuing to urge the public to use extreme caution when out on all area lakes.

Just this year, there have been 6 reported ice rescues which is more than in years past.

If you plan on venturing out, the U.S. Coast Guard is telling people to remember the acronym I-C-E which stands for information, clothing and equipment. 

First, know how to call for help if you fall through the ice. 

Secondly, wear enough clothing to prevent hypothermia. 

And lastly, have the proper safety equipment on the ice with you.

Authorities stress all ice should never be considered 100% safe especially if there is a blanket of snow over it.

“Generally, if there is snow out there you should test where you are going.  If you are going to go out on the ice you should have some form of either stick, pole, or some sort of advice that you can actually use to press in front of you and look for signs of weak ice before walking out,” said Harry Quinlan with the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard also suggests avoiding extreme heat when going to and from locations so your body is not shocked by the altering temperatures. 

The Coast Guard does not provide information on ice thickness. 

But, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says the ice needs to be 4 inches thick for walking, 5 inches for a snowmobile and 12-15 inches for a medium sized truck.

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