31st Beargrease Sled Dog Race Finishes in Duluth

Beargrease Sled Dog Race Comes to an End for Mushers

The end of Beargrease has arrived and the top two have seen a similar kind of end to this race before, back in 2011 when Ryan Anderson last ran the Beargrease.

At 2:53 A.M., Anderson and his dogs of Ray, Minnesota finished the 319 mile race at Billy’s Bar and Grille in 35 hours 23 minutes and 30 seconds.

Anderson said with the difference in weather this year, deep snow in some areas and warmer temps in others, it made racing complicated at times.

“This year especially with that snow, there’s probably six inches of snow up towards Sawbill area and that really slowed us down a lot. It was just trying to maintain a steady pace throughout the whole race was kind of my plan and i think we accomplished that. The snow did slow us down some but not that much,” Anderson explained.

At 3:53 A.M., Nathan Schroeder arrived, receiving second place for the marathon.
He said for him and his dogs, the last stretch of the race was a tough and tiring journey.

“I kinda went out and left Highway 2 and I thought to myself, ‘I’ll give my dogs about an hour and I’ll try to pick them up to race and they were all raced out so we just coasted in,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder left his main leader dog that has won him the last two races back in Finland with a little pull in his hip, and said he isn’t sure if that is what cost him the first place finish.

Anderson said there is a possibility of him racing the Iditarod Trail in Alaska, which begins March 7th and Schroeder said he is ready to let his dogs rest and heal before he heads on up to the Last Frontier State.

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