Researchers Closer to Peanut Allergy Cure

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There may be hope on the horizon for people who suffer from severe peanut allergies.

Researchers gave a group of 30 children increasing amounts of peanut protein and a probiotic over 18 months.

At the end of the study, nearly 80 percent had no allergic reaction to peanuts at all.

The probiotic’s dosage was the equivalent of eating more than 700 ounces of yogurt a day.

Study authors warn you not to attempt this at home as some children did still have serious allergic reactions after the study.
Young girls who consume a lot of sugary drinks may enter puberty earlier than those who don’t.

Researchers studied more than 5,000 girls between 9 and 14.

They found those who drank more than one and a half servings of sugary drinks a day had their first period nearly three months earlier.

Researchers do not know why this happens, but they think it may have something to do with the after effects of consuming a highly-sugared food.
Working from home appears to have benefits for both the employee and employer.

Researchers analyzed more than 200 employees at a Chinese travel agency.

They found productivity of those at work remained stable, but people working from home increased their productivity by 13 percent.

That group was almost more likely to get a better night’s sleep.

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