Gearing up for the Lego Robotics Championship

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The Lego Robotics Championship is just a week away and local team Masters of Disasters 2.0 is putting the final touches on their projects.

The team consists of six members, five boys and one girl. 

Aside from constructing a Lego robot, they must also create an app that answers the question, “How can you improve the way someone learns about something?”

“So they chose homework management because they’re all kind of struggling with homework this year. So they’ve come up with an app that is directed towards people that are easily distracted with their electronics,” explained Ward Lane, Masters of Disasters 2.0 Coach. 

The team has also designed a programmable robot, which group members said provides a fun challenge. 

“You might be a little stressed out sometimes when you program something and it doesn’t, work but you keep on trying and that’s what makes it fun,” said Grant Parajuli, a member of team Masters of Disasters 2.0.

There are at least three other lego robotic teams from Duluth taking part in the state championship, set for February 7th, in the Twin Cities.


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