Multi- Million Dollar Port Inter-modal Underway

Project Will Double Cargo Capabilities

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A project two decades in the making by the Duluth Port Authority is coming closer to reality.

The Duluth Port Authority handles, on average, 38 million short tons of cargo a year and soon the port will be inter-modal.

Making the inter-modal will double the weight baring capacity compared to the current docks. 

Inter-modal means the transfer of cargo will be done between ship, rail or truck. 

“We have used it occasionally for storage of equipment, but this equipment came in by ship.  But it all had to be unloaded on this side and trucked around.  Now, we will be able to unload it directly and store it there,” said port facilities manager, Jim Sharrow.

Twenty-eight acres of Dock C and D will be completely resurfaced. 

The project will redevelop Dock D and build a new dock that is able to hold double the cargo capacity.

“Right now, we have to virtually spread that load out over the surface of the dock so that it isn’t too high of a load for the dock to be able to withstand.  With this new dock, we will be able to handle 2,000 pounds per square foot,” said Sharrow.

The port will break ground this spring

The completion date is scheduled for September of 2016. 

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