Young At Heart 3: Millard LaJoy, 101, Talks Death

'I never fear where I am going to go'

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In Part 3 of a special series called “Young at Heart,” FOX 21’s Dan Hanger checks back in with 101-year-old Millard LaJoy of Pike Lake who still drives, lives on his own and is full of life.

But Millard realizes he’s outlived himself, and knows tomorrow could be his last.

Nobody ever expects to be called a centenarian in their lifetime, especially for Millard, who is about to turn 102 on Feb. 7.

“Did you ever expect to live this long,” Hanger asked LaJoy.”

“Never! No, I didn’t, but I did saw my aunt up there. She died at going 99. And she had a sense of humor, too. That’s what I try to have,” LaJoy laughed in response.

While his humor and energy are very much alive today, he doesn’t come without serious health problems that other old-timers lose their life to.

“I’ve had prostate cancer and I’ve had it for 15 years.”

But then again, Millard’s power of positive thinking and his witty sense of humor seem to be the perfect medicine — at least for now.

“I take a shot in the hind end every three months. Zing!”

“Ya know, it keeps me young, too. Like I say, I’m still the kid,” said Millard’s son, Hartley, who is 74 years old.

“He’s kind of like a patriarch of the family — all the cousins everybody. Everybody looks up to my dad because he’s the steadiness and the reliability,” Hartley explained.

These days, this former mechanical engineer and rocket scientist has cut back his 5-day-a-week drive to the mall down to three.

And he’s definitely getting a good night’s rest every day with a taste of his other medicine — Brandy.

“I take a sip of that, and boy, I feel good; one little sip. I don’t do more than that one sip. And then I go to bed,” Millard said.

And when he goes to bed, he’s never thinking about whether he won’t wake up in the morning because Millard has lived and continues to live the healthiest perspective there is: the now, the present.

“I never fear where I am going to go. But we all go to the same place. So, I know that I have out lived my life. But I just keep plotting a long,” Millard said.

“Do you think you are going to last as long as he has,” Hanger asked to Hartley.

“No way,” responded Hartley. “That’s a rarity. I haven’t lived a clean of life as long as he has. I don’t think I’m going to make it that far.”

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