Art Appreciation Part 3: Unleash Your Creative Side

Local Places To Express Your Artistic Abilities

“It’s a great place to learn,” said Sergio Quincha.
For the last couple of months Sergio Quincha, an engineer, has been working on a special project.

“If you can envision it you can do it pretty much,” said Quincha.

His vision is to have a prototype r.c. car coded to move the way he wants it to.

“You could even hook up a gps to it and say well I want you to go to this exact coordinate,” said Quincha.

To complete his mission Sergio comes to MakerSpace.

It’s a new community multi –discipline workshop located in west Duluth.

“If you come with your own project and everybody knows different things they can say OK this is correct this is not correct they guide you through it,” said Quincha.

MakerSpaces are popping up all over the country.

They’re places for artists, DIY–ers and everyone else who likes to experiment, innovate and learn.

“I feel like we live in a day and age that we have so much information online,” said Quincha. “But there is no such thing that is better than putting your knowledge to practical.”

The shop offers classes and a wide array of equipment that includes 3D printers, Crickets and laser cutters

“You get all these things that you normally wouldn’t be able to have in your own house,” MakerSpace Member Miranda Durbin said.

If the visual arts is more of your vibe, On the Rocks Art Studio could be a great outlet.

“This is a way for them to express themselves creatively,” On the Rocks Art Studio Owner Terri Wingness said.

Located in Canal Park, it offers classes to experienced painters and people looking to take their stick-figure drawings to higher heights.

“There’s a need out there, people want to be creative,” said Wingness.

First, the group or individual starts off with a pre–selected image.

Then students are walked through step by step on how to complete it.

“We start off with the very basic,” said Wingness.

Wingness says a lot of her customers are looking to use their brains beyond their computers and work cubicles.

“Exercise the right side of the brain, the creativity, the arts kind of focus,” said Wingness.

People also come to On the Rocks Art Studio to relieve their symptoms of stress, depression and O.C.D.”

“The people that are coming in they’re realizing that they’re getting so lost in the process that they’re kind of forgetting about the family issues or stresses or the work stresses that they’re having,” said Wingness.

Whether you like to tinker or paint there are places in the Twin Ports to help you unleash your artistic abilities —  no matter what level those skills are at.

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