DeWall Breaks Proctor Scoring Mark

Lexie DeWall Owns Rails All-Time Girls' Scoring Record

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“Great basketball players are not made between November and March, they’re made between March and November. Lexie is that kind of player,” said Proctor girl’s basketball coach Chad Brenna.

Proctor junior Lexie DeWall has had quite a good 2015. Starting with eclipsing the one thousand point barrier.

“It’s been one of my goals since 8th grade, so hitting it was pretty amazing,” said Proctor junior Lexie DeWall.

“I mean it was a great experience just to know that I’ve been able to assist her throughout her high school career,” Proctor senior Krista Mottonen said.

To breaking the Rails all time girls’ scoring mark.

“Well going through my head definitely was some crazy emotional thoughts. Something I’ve never felt before and just seeing the crowd and everyone supporting me made a big difference,” said DeWall.

What made a bigger difference was the work DeWall put in before the season even tipped off.

“This summer, I put in a lot of work and seeing me reach that goal and just knowing that hard work works, and what you put in, you’ll get out,” DeWall said.

And what coach Brenna got out of it, was a lot of early summer mornings.

“All summer long, my phone would ring at 8 o’clock in the morning, going when can I get in the gym? When can I get into the gym? When can I get into the gym? It just got to the point where I would just leave my keys at home and she would just stop and get them,” said coach Brenna.

Coach Brenna. gave the keys of the Proctor team to an athlete looking to lead and set a strong example.

“We’re definitely trying to set the bar high for these younger kids that are coming up, because we know that we’re their leaders and we’re the ones setting the example, so we want to make a big difference,” DeWall said.

DeWall is seeking to change the future of basketball in Proctor, through hard work and passion for the game.

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