Autopsy Goes Against Man’s Spiritual Beliefs

Mille Lacs Band Member Dies in Car Accident

Mushkoob Aubid, a Mille Lacs band member, was killed in a car accident over the weekend.

Following Aubid’s death, doctors ignored family objections and brought him to the UMD Medical Center for an autopsy Sunday morning.

But doing so goes against his tribe’s spiritual beliefs, which prohibit bodies from being tampered with in any way prior to burial, and requires families are with the deceased immediately following the death.

“Can you imagine having lost a close relative, and you couldn’t get access to them? You had some authority figures holding them back from you?” said Obizaan Staples, Spiritual Advisor of the Milles Lac Reservation.

A court order late Sunday evening allowed for Aubid’s body to be returned to his family Monday morning without undergoing the autopsy. 

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