Hermantown Fish Store Offers Fish Lovers Something New

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From typical gold fish to salt water corals, World of Fish in Hermantown carries everything aquatic lovers desire.

“In the spring time we have pond fish and koi of many sizes; we also offer pond plants starting in May,” said Lisa Kamp, the co-owner of the business.

The store has been serving the Northland since 1967, and in 2007 Lisa Kamp and her husband took over as the new owners.

“We were customers of World of fish for about twelve years before that so it’s just always been in our hearts to be in the aquarium business,” said Lisa Kamp.

That love for the fish grew even stronger after her kids graduated and left a, you could say, empty fish tank at home.

“We were ready for something new, just another adventure and we don’t regret it at all,” said Lisa Kamp.

World of Fish is more than making sales.

It’s very much like a community with a common bond and love for aquatics.

“It’s just been a world wind of knowledge and growth and a lot of customers that we have gotten to know, I learn more from my customers almost than reading on the internet,” said Lisa Kamp.

And if all of this isn’t enough and you want to tap into something a little more on the wild side world of fish doesn’t disappoint.

“We have sold anything from tarantulas, scorpions, hedge hogs, molk, and a whole variety of different things have gone through at the store here, we’ve seen it all,” said Lisa Kamp

World of Fish is located on Miller Trunk Highway in Hermantown.

It’s open seven days a week.

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