Proposal Could Allow for Hard Liquor Samples in WI Grocery Stores

WI Bill Would Allow Liquor Samples in Grocery Stores

Wisconsin grocery shoppers may soon be able to sample mini-shots of hard liquor in an aisle near them.

The Assembly’s government operations committee unanimously approved a bipartisan bill Tuesday that would allow retailers with liquor licenses to provide small shots of booze to their customers.

The measure would allow shoppers to sample one half-ounce of hard alcohol, the equivalent of one-third a shot.

Rep. Joel Kleefisch, R-Oconomowoc, says he sponsored the bill to level the playing field for distilleries and other liquor producers as they compete with breweries and wineries, which can offer samples.

The bill now moves to a vote in the Assembly.

Kleefisch says he anticipates a unanimous vote in that chamber later this week.

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