New Snowmobile Race to be Hosted at Spirit Mountain

Red Bull Snow Boundaries

Spirit Mountain will have a new snowmobile endurance race event at the end of next month.

The event is hosted by Red Bull and is called “Red Bull Snow Boundaries.”

It’s open to pro and amateur racers.

“They are anticipating anywhere between 200 and 300 riders and participants for the first year,” said Spirit Mountain’s Executive Director, Brandy Ream.

The 30 mile loop will challenge each rider on the terrain. 

It combines elements of snow cross, hill climbing, cross-country and ice racing. 

The course will go through Spirit Mountain for 8 miles, 15 miles through the surrounding trails and 7 miles across the frozen ice of the St. Louis River. 

Obstacles include water skips, log crosses, rock chutes, bridge crossings, tire piles and vertical climbs. 

“It’ll be a little bit different than snow cross because it’s head to hear with maybe five to ten people per heat.  This is going to be a nice slow start and they will have people sectioned out,” said Ream.

The event will run from March 27-28.

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