Pilot from Duluth was with NBC Anchor on Chinook

Duluth Pilot Shares Story of Helicopter Incident with NBC Anchor

A father of four from Duluth says he knows exactly what happened on board the Chinook helicopter carrying NBC anchor Brian Williams over the Iraq desert in 2003.

Allan Kelly was one of three pilots on the helicopter.

Kelly tells the Star Tribune their Chinook did not take enemy fire, contrary to the story Williams has told over the years and has now recanted.

Kelly says he won’t point fingers, but just wants the truth told in an unbiased manner.

The 44-year-old Kelly says a Chinook that left a base in Kuwait about 30 minutes ahead of their chopper was taking enemy fire.

It was hit and forced to make an emergency landing.

Kelly said his crew landed safely possibly 15 to 30 minutes later after navigating through a sandstorm.  

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