Study: 1 in 10 May Have Brain Parasite

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Researchers say as many as one in ten Americans may be living with a brain parasite and not even know it, according to a study from the University of Arizona.

It’s called toxoplasma parasite, or toxo for short, and it is not fatal.

You can get it by not cooking meat well enough or by eating raw lamb.

“It causes a flu-like illness when you first get it, and then your immune system takes care of it. Except that in humans it exists or persists in the brain,” said Dr. Anita Koshy, with the University of Arizona.

The research is still ongoing, but they’re hopeful they will find a cure.
A new study about the HPV vaccine may ease parents’ minds when considering whether their daughter should be vaccinated.

Researchers found girls who get vaccinated don’t see it as a green light to start having sex.

The STD rate should have changed noticeably in the year after vaccination, but it didn’t, according to researchers.

It was nearly identical between vaccinated and unvaccinated girls.
Brief daytime naps may protect you from the harmful health effects of a poor night’s sleep.

Researchers studied 11 healthy men between ages 25 and 32.

They had them sleep for only two hours one night.

When they woke up, they had two and a half times the level of a stress hormone that increases heart rate and blood pressure.

After a second night with only two hours of sleep, researchers let the men take two 30 minute naps.

Researchers say the men woke up with normal hormone levels after the naps.

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