Day Care Dilemmas: Families Choose Between Work and Family

MN Child Care Costs Skyrocketing

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It’s hard for many parents to find affordable child daycare options.

Between work, family and countless other duties, choices are very limited. 

The costs are putting tough financial strains on many Minnesota families making it difficult for working parents to hold their jobs while also assuring quality care for their children. 

“It’s really expensive.  Businesses charge quite a bit more if you have infants,” said mom, Allison Jerde. 

For some families, the question comes down to working or caring for their families themselves. 

The answer was simple for mother of two, Allison Jerde.

“I was a teacher for quite a few years and I lost my job about two-and-a-half years ago,” said Jerde. 

Losing her job meant spending more time with her family.

But what will her new source of income be?

“I think the people that have been doing it for many years originally kind of started because they were having kids of their own.  And it just didn’t make sense to work or they just weren’t making enough to pay for their daycare,” said Jerde. 

In-home daycare service is generally cheaper than center care and that’s exactly what Allison decided to do.

This was a viable option for her family to earn some income on a tight budget. 

“It was $35 a day for an infant and I charge $25 a day.”

The child load is smaller allowing for more one on one time.

Staying at home with her kids was a blessing in disguise. 

“I always kind of wanted to be a stay at home mom and be with my kids.  I never thought this would be an option,” said Jerde.

Although Allison isn’t making as much on the financial side, she doesn’t have to worry about struggling to find an affordable day care. 

“It’s been great for our family.”

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