Daycare Dilemmas Pt. 3: Stay at Home Parents

Career and Financial Worries of Daycare

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For the past few days, we’ve been taking a closer look at area families struggling to find affordable childcare. 

Fox 21’s Avery Neuville talks with a woman who made the decision to be a stay at home mom. 

Anna Nate, mom of two, said she enjoys her job a lot.

She never imagined that someday she would be a stay at home mom. 

“The costs of daycare is just too much,” said Nate.

But, now she has a complete change of heart.

“We don’t have to pay for anyone to watch the kids,” expressed Nate. 

All those career and financial worries faded. 

“We are doing good and cutting back where we need to.”

The money concerns didn’t disappear completely but they certainly became secondary.

Before, her husband, Travis, was the one who spent a lot of time with their two kids, Trenton and Sophia.

“Now, with me being home I’m the one who gets to play with them so it’s nice.”

The family moved from Wisconsin less than a year ago and Anna sees herself continuing to be a stay at home mom. 

Daycare is not in her future as of yet because of the financial stress it could have on their family.

“I wouldn’t want to send my kids to daycare at all.” 

Any other options would be financially harder than their current situation. 

Her husband’s current job allows them to spend more time together as a family. 

“This is a blessing to be able to see Travis two days in a row and be a family for two days.”

Tune in for the final part of “Daycare Dilemmas” Friday night. 

Fox 21’s Avery Neuville talks with the state about future proposals that could help all Minnesota families.

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