School Board to Move Forward in Upcoming Referendum

Board Votes in Favor of Kraus-Anderson

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The Superior School District is moving forward with plans for an upcoming referendum after another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

Tuesday night the board voted on which contractor would be used to help rebuild schools in the district. 

It’s been a year long decision from the Superior School Board and out of the 5 contractors, Kraus-Anderson Construction company is the best fit. 

Superior School District Administrator, Janna Stevens, says a facility study is done every 10 years to get an in depth look at the state of the district’s buildings. 

From there, the board came up with an action plan to decide which contracting company would be best for the specific rennovations. 

Stevens says Kraus-Anderson has the experience they need for their upcoming projects.

“The quality of the materials they put out will be helpful for our community to understand what we are doing and why. So, I am very excited to move forward with that process,” Stevens says. 

If the referendum passes, the two big projects will include rebuilding Cooper Elementary and renovating the Superior High School.

Cooper would be completely rebuilt on site because of the major roof and water damages.

As far as the high school renovations go their focus would be on the roof and fixing the west side of the building.

“We’ve got classrooms that are on the side where the temperature can be 15-20 degrees different from the classroom against the hall.  It’s a bit embarrassing to say that,” Stevens expressed. 

Again, this is only the beginning piece to a very lengthy process.

The next step will be to sit down with the company and finalize the project. 

Then, that information will be taken up for discussion with the community. 

Stevens wants to make sure the community knows these plans are preliminary. 

There will be meetings so the taxpayers are fully informed before they vote. 

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