Calmer Tone Heard from Dayton, Bakk in Dispute Over Salaries

Dayton & Bakk Work to Settle Dispute Over Salaries in MN

Last week’s confrontation over Minnesota agency commissioner pay has given way to a calmer tone between two Democrats in the middle of it, Gov. Mark Dayton and Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk.

Both leaders tried Monday to get beyond the ugly dispute that had Dayton questioning Bakk’s trustworthiness and the Senate leader doubting the governor’s recollection of events.

It all revolves around Dayton’s decision to grant big raises to agency leaders and Bakk’s move to temporarily squash those pay hikes.

A provision in an important spending bill to delay the increases drew a sharply worded veto threat.

Bakk says he won’t let the dispute become personal.

Asked about a tattered working relationship with Bakk, Dayton told reporters he was hopeful the two would “work something out.”

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