Proposal to Offer Easier Access to Hog Island in Superior

Plan to Develop World's Only Disc Gold Island

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Nearly 10 years ago, a $6.7 million project helped clean out toxic waste on Hog Island in Superior.  

But, the area has been vacant ever since.  

Now, a proposal has been introduced which could offer easier access to the public.

Last Tuesday, disc golf enthusiast, Charlie Deville introduced a plan to develop the island into a disc golf course. 

Because the island has been unused for so long, this course is something he believes could help revitalize the land. 

Most people who drive by this part of Superior on Highway 2 probably have no idea there is a 40 acre island sitting there untouched and uninhabited. 

“We turn something that’s sat there for decades and we make it accessible to the public,” said Deville.

Deville is proposing a 2 stage project. 

First, a 650 foot plus boardwalk needs to be established to provide access to the island from Loon’s Foot Landing. 

The second phase is actually constructing the 18 hole professional disc golf course. 

If it’s built correctly, Deville is convinced the course could create a tourist destination and help boost the economy.

“If we have tournaments, we can bring in money,” Deville said. 

He is now waiting for green lights from the county, city and land development committee.

“I want to make sure the DNR is involved.  I want to make sure the Land Conservation Department is involved.  We know there is still a lot of information to get,” said Douglas County Board Supervisor, Alan Jaques. 

Not all county leaders who have heard about these plans are ready to support them. 

But, Jaques gives the proposal a two thumbs up. 

“I’d like to go out there and bike and hike around,” Jaques expressed. 

He knows a number of issues still need to be addressed. 

But he says it would be nice to have access to the island. 

The project has an estimated cost of around $100,000. 

Deville is hoping it can be financed through public donations and sponsors. 

There is a lot of research to do before it could happen. 

But, it’s an idea that has at least some initial support from the county.

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