Travis Carlson Joins Proctor Elite

Breaks 1000 Point Barrier

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“People see the thousand points, they need to understand the work that comes into getting that,” said Proctor basketball coach Todd Clark.

Proctor senior Travis Carlson joined an elite group of Rails basketball players when he hit his 1000th point.

“It’s a great accomplishment and I think with me and Lexie, this year, that’s like our 7th or 8th ever at this school, so yeah it’s rare company but it’s nice,” said Travis Carlson.

Company he pushed himself to be apart of.

“I hold myself to high expectations anyway to be a scorer. And it was good to get it off my chest and kind of be able to move on now with like a month left in the season and going into playoffs,” Carlson said.

It’s an accomplishment, coach Clark said took a serious work ethic to achieve.

“He’s been a gym rat his whole life. He played hundreds and hundreds of games in the off season. Thousands of hours in the gym and that’s where it pays off,” said Clark.

It’s time and effort Carlson is happy to have paid off, but he didn’t do it alone.

“A lot of work has been put in. My mom bringing me everywhere to play basketball over the summer, AAU in the summer and all the work. So definitely to see it pay off in the regular season is really nice,” Carlson said.

And while Carlson has proven himself to be a great basketball player, he’s also proven himself to be a better teammate.

“When he’s out on the floor, he’ll say when it’s his fault, sometimes when it’s not entirely his fault. He’ll take the blame. He’ll share the credit, he’ll say nice pass to his teammate. It’s nice when your best players do that,” said Clark.

Proctor is a budding team on the rise, fortunate to have a player like Carlson leading the charge. 

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