KYN: Blue Arrow Boutique

Shop in Superior Offers Unique Options

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“Our main goal was to provide Superior with something like what Duluth has,” Blue Arrow Boutique co-owner Anndrea Ploeger said.

The Superior shop has blouses, pants and accessories.

“We have a really big age range,” said Ploeger. “High school all the way up to grandmas.”

People can come to Blue Arrow Boutique to shop for fresh and chic pieces to add to their wardrobe.

“We’ve heard a lot of appreciation that it’s a unique place to shop, they have unique goods,” said Ploeger

Shipments of new clothes are delivered every day.

“When people come in it’s usually a new store,” said Ploeger

Their affordable and trendy fashions are ordered in limited quantities.

“If they go out on the town or they have a holiday party at work they’re not going to see somebody else wearing the same thing,” said Ploeger.

Apparel and trinkets are all locally made.

“Items like body lotion or hand soaps or fun Knick knacks made in Wisconsin or the USA,” said Ploeger.

Blue Arrow Boutique is located on Tower Avenue.

“The sidewalks and cleanliness of the new Tower Avenue has really helped,” said Ploeger.

It’s a location that’s helping to bring lots of fashionistas through the doors.

“Word of mouth has been working for us, social media has been working for us,” said Ploeger. “We’re doing good business wise.”

The shop is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

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