Retinal Tear Can Severely Effect Vision

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We all know our vision usually diminishes as we get older, but for some of us it can lead to an injury called a retinal tear.

It’s not necessarily painful, but it can make seeing much more difficult.

Attorney and sports photographer Rick Firfer is an active 72-year-old.

Nothing slowed him down, until one morning when something strange happened.

“I noticed a couple of little lightning flashes on my peripheral vision on the outside of my right eye,” he said.

He called his eye doctor immediately and was diagnosed with a retinal tear.

It is the tissue in the back of your eye that grabs the images that enter through the lens and translates them to the brain to tell you what you are seeing.

The cavity in between the retina and the lens holds a soft, jelly-like fluid called the vitreous, and as we age the vitreous begins to shrink and pull away from the retina.

“Most people they will have some light flashes. They might see a bunch of black dots or it might be silent and they are really not aware of it, and then they simply notice a shadow,” said Dr. William Stiles, an ophthalmologist.

If a tear is found early, the tissue around it can be burned or frozen to create scar tissue which will stop the tear and keep the retina from detaching completely.

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