Chisholm City Leaders Negotiate with Studio Company

Iron Bound Studios to Potentially Rent City Hall

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A large amount of vacant space at Chisholm city hall is the heart of a discussion with a studio company based in Minneapolis.  

Iron Bound Studios has reached out to city leaders about a rent to own agreement for post-production and commercials.

“They presented us with an opportunity to use the space at City Hall right here, right now,” said Chisholm Mayor Mike Jugovich.

Jugovich believes this space is underutilized and would be a nice addition for a company like Iron Bound. 

“There’s a number of opportunities for space that’s not just studio space.”

This push to rent gives Chisholm an opportunity to explore the potential of a new City Hall location.

“It would probably move the city to at least get out there and take a look at our options and see what it would cost us to have a new building,” expressed Mayor Jugovich. 

Currently, the building houses the bulk of city offices and council chambers. 

“The main focus is to get everyone under one roof.”

The Mayor says he isn’t opposed to selling City Hall because they don’t need all the space that is currently available in the building.

Having a combined building to house city offices along with the police and fire departments has been a council goal for many years.

“The ability to sell this building and the fire and police department at the same time would allow us to have fewer buildings and more efficient buildings.”

Which would potentially provide the City of Chisholm with new opportunities.

“I think this is a win-win for the city, taxpayers and Iron Bound.”

The agreement is still in the preliminary stages as Iron Bound Studios is still looking for funding sources. 

But, city leaders tell Fox 21 they are optimistic about the potential opportunity.

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