Deal Stalls Agency Leader Salary Hike, Assert Lawmaker Power

Tentative Deal Over Pay Raises Reached in MN

A tentative deal stalling commissioner pay raises that had sparked a legislative revolt is headed for a vote in the Minnesota House.

Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk said Thursday the agreement involving the House and Gov. Mark Dayton’s administration won’t be in line for Senate ratification until late next week.

There is urgency because the underlying bill has critical funding for Minnesota’s Ebola response and sex-offender confinement program.

Details shared by Bakk and others involved indicate the measure temporarily rolls back raises Dayton approved for state agency commissioners, up to $30,000 in some instances.

It would reduce agency budgets to account for salary already paid out.

Dayton would be able to re-institute some salary bumps on July 1.

As of July 2, future raises would require legislative consent.

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