Hanger Hits The Road: Superior’s Wabegon Bar

A Superior Bar With Mostly Minnesota Customers

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It’s Wednesday night and time for Hanger Hits the Road. Last week was Barnes, Wis., and this week it’s Superior’s Wabegon Bar and Supper Club that you can only get to through Minnesota.

“Your view out of one window is Minnesota. The view out the other is Wisconsin,” explained bar owner Paul Vernon.

The Wabegon is truly a border battle restaurant.

“The note to fame is it’s the only bar and restaurant in Wisconsin that you can only get to from Minnesota,” Vernon said.
“The state line runs right through the end of the driveway.”

The longtime establishment has been around since the 1930s on Highway 23 and at the bottom of Mont du Lac Ski Hill.
And while the address is Superior, its customer base is almost all Minnesotans.

“The vast majority of the people are Wrenshall, Holy Oak, Carlton, Cloquet, Fon du Lac, Gary, West Duluth,” Vernon said.

Vernon believes his business has been so successful all these years because of its family charm.

“It’s not that glare to see who’s coming in the door. You think, holy smokes, everybody is staring at me. Somebody’s going to say, hey, how you doing? Come on in and sit down,” explained Vernon.

When you sit down at the bar, it’s not always about the booze.
The kitchen is full of fresh fish, shrimp, steak and juicy burgers.

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