Reeling in Fish on Lake Superior

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If you’ve gazed out at Lake Superior within the last week you may have noticed the water is finally frozen over.

The cold temperatures are giving anglers a chance to grab their gear, pitch their ice house and reel in a big catch.

It’s a view like none other, one that has been called the best kept secret.

If you guessed Lake Superior, you’re absolutely correct.

When the wind whips from the right direction and temperatures cool, it’s an outdoorsman’s oasis for Lake Trout fishing.

“Where the fish are all biting is at 70 feet and that’s where you see all the ice houses,” said Russ Francisco, Marine General Owner.

Nothing can stop the brave souls of anglers – instead their focus is on the hook, line and sinker.  

“What do you say when people say you’re crazy? They say that all the time. We just keep going, it’s what we do. What else you going to do this time of the year, watch TV,” exclaimed Francisco.

I’ve been here since sunrise – maybe 8 hours.

It’s fair to say Andy Jonas, of Cloquet, is a bit of competitive man.

He braved the frigid wind chills to be out on Lake Superior at sunrise.

“Last year was my first time ice fishing out here and I caught some decent lake trout but I want to get a big one,” said Jonas.

It didn’t take long for him to reel in quite the catch.

“It’s probably about a 20–pound lake trout – biggest one I’ve ever caught,” exclaimed Jonas, an avid angler.

It seems he isn’t the only fishermen on a quest to catch the big one.

Francisco, with General Marine, recalled the fish tales he has heard this season on Lake Superior.

“The biggest one we’ve seen so far is 36–inches. I heard there was a 40 caught the other day, heard there was 34 caught yesterday,” said Francisco.

So what is luring all the anglers to the Great Lake?

Francisco said it could be that Walleye fishing ends this weekend, but the lack of snow is also playing a key role.

“This has been a very bad year for snow, so if you’re a snowmobiler, cross country skier or that type of thing, you didn’t get your share of winter so our winter ice fishing business is probably double what it is because people couldn’t do the other things,” said Francisco.

Even though anglers may be chilled to the bone, Francisco expects business to continue to pick up through the rest of the season.

“We’re gearing up for it we’re buying rods, we’re buying big jigs, we’re buying extra frozen bait, we’re gearing up for it,” said Francisco.

If you do plan on heading out on Lake Superior area fish enthusiasts recommend checking the ice around your house and being aware of the changing lake conditions. 

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