Embarrass Dips Way Below Zero

Sets Daily Record for the Coldest Place in Minnesota

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It’s the talk of the day in the Northland, the weather.

It might not surprise you to hear that Embarrass, Minnesota was the coldest place in the state Thursday morning at negative 41–degrees below zero.

When in doubt Minnesotans typically chat about the weather and days like this are a perfect excuse to do just that.

“It’s a unique place that we live. It’s what Embarrass is known for,” explained resident Diane Nelmark.

Log on to Facebook and instantly you’re bombarded with images of thermometers.

Only in the Northwood’s of Minnesota is reaching a negative temperature a competition.

Believe it or not 40-degrees below zero, is even a little chilly for some of the hearty Northlanders, but they still brave the weather.

“We do still see 15 ladies coming on a Tuesday just to have coffee and chat,” said Nelmark.

Those in the small community make their way to the local town hall for the latest news.

“It’s kind of a challenge to see if we can go and do your daily business – hope your car starts in the morning,” said Nelmark.

Life and all of its twists and turns is merely a matter of perspective.

“You can look at it and say it’s cold or you can look at it and say Spring is coming. I chose to say Spring is coming,” said Gary Rantala, an Embarrass resident.

If you’ve ever experienced a summer in Minnesota, you may enjoy the Winters merely because there are no unofficial state birds buzzing in your ears.

“No mosquitoes this time of the year – when it gets this cold,” said Nelmark.

It has in fact been colder in Embarrass.

The community set an official all-time low in February of 1996, at negative 57-degrees.

“I think the name of the town has something to do with it too. How much more fun than to call a town by Embarrass, to talk about the weather,” said Nelmark.

One thing that’s for certain, aside from the cold temperatures of course is that no one living in Embarrass is embarrassed to call it their home. 

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