80% Say Child Vaccines Should be Mandatory

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A new poll suggests that parents should be required to vaccinate their kids.

The CNN ORC poll reveals nearly eight out of 10 Americans believe vaccines should be mandatory for healthy children.

Most poll-takers also said kids should be barred from daycare or public school unless they are vaccinated.

The vaccine debate has heated up following a measles outbreak that started at Disneyland.

The CDC says 154 measles cases have been reported in 17 states and Washington, D.C. this year.
Hand washing dishes instead of using a machine may reduce a child’s risk of developing allergic conditions like asthma or eczema.

Researchers studied 1,000 families and found about 12 percent of them hand washed their dishes.

Analysts say kids in those families had about half the risk of developing allergic conditions compared to families who used dishwashers.

The team believes the results go along with the ‘hygiene hypothesis’, a theory that suggests early exposure to different microbes may keep the immune system from working properly.
There’s a right and wrong way to eat breakfast.

Studies show it gets your metabolism going which is important for weight loss and overall health.

That means you should eat within 30 to 60 minutes after you wake up.

The meal should have a lot of protein like eggs or Greek yogurt.

Bananas and oats are also good options because they help your body burn fat for energy.

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