Anti-Bullying Plays Held at Mesabi-East

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It’s a very serious topic that hits all too close to home, bullying.

In an effort to encourage people to treat one another with respect Mesabi-East School’s showcased two plays Monday aimed at anti-bullying.

While Amy Maki, Mesabi-East’s Elementary School Principal, said there are some cases of bullying within the school district, she said they’re trying to be pro-active.

“We want to reiterate the importance of anti–bullying in our school,” said Maki.

It’s an undertaking the school district and community members unanimously decided upon. 

“It was from administration, teachers, paraprofessionals, custodial everyone said we want to work on prevention. (We want to be) a school that says, we’re no tolerance,” explained Maki.

The district asked Twin Cities based CLIMB Theatre to share its anti-bullying message to K-6thgraders.

“(It’s) scratching the surface and starting to plant the seed of anti–bullying at an early age,” said Alex Garbarino, an actor with CLIMB.

It’s no surprise that bullying takes on many forms.

“The teasing, the tattling that goes on continually and students get to a point where it’s too much for them,” said Maki.

Each year CLIMB brings plays and classes to more than 400 schools throughout the Midwest, reaching approximately 200,000 students.

Actors with the company told Fox 21 they’ve received numerous calls from schools saying their theatrical performances encouraged students to stop bullies in their tracks.

“Not just kids standing up to bullying but bystanders doing their part not just standing by and letting this happen and going and reporting it to another authority,” explained Garbarino. 

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