Bone Chilling Weather Benefits Superior Ice Sculpture

Sculptor Thriving Through Cold

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The wind and cold has been beneficial for the infamous ice sculpture on Barker’s Island.

After the sculpture tumbled down less than a month ago, the iceman, Roger Hanson, has successfully rebuilt his creation. 

Hanson says he is less than two weeks away from being finished.

Although Mother Nature was not cooperative at first, Hanson has remained positive throughout the process. 

“I have to complete the project under all circumstances and I’ve felt I’ve done that this time,” he explained. 

And, he knew he had to finish what he started and has his second masterpiece nearly completed. 

But, he couldn’t have done it without the communities support.

“I’m used to failure.  It gave me enough ammunition to know what I’ve done wrong and I can do it right.  Like I’ve been telling everyone, I’m not a quitter.”

There will be a sound and light show on Barker’s Island this weekend to showcase the finished product.

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