Broken Broom Brings the Past Back to Life

Northland Uncovered: Broken Broom

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There comes a time when a piece of furniture in your home may become and eyesore, but, there’s a way to make it beautiful once again.

In this week’s Northland Uncovered, find out how old family heirlooms can stay around for generations.

It’s old pieces like an old bowling alley top that keep business flowing at Broken Broom.

But you’re not going to find only parts of old bowling alleys at this stop.

You’re going to find pretty much anything you might need to finish off that room you’ve been trying to complete for years.

For Heidi Weiberg, owner of Broken Broom, her passion for creativity continues bringing happiness to many families.

“It’s very rewarding,” said Weiberg.

She’s been collecting and repurposing furniture since 1988 and is happy to be a resource for people looking to find unique things.

“I love my job; it’s not like you go to work every day,” said Weiberg.

She uses Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint to turn a simple side table into a centerpiece.

“I think every room needs to have a mix of items and just bring all of those different things into the home,” said Weiberg.

Weiberg knows having a mix of items that look high class doesn’t have to be expensive, so why not refurbish something you already have?

“You’ve already invested in the piece and it already fits the scale of your home and it takes a long time to season a home,” said Weiberg.

And though it’s not always easy, it’s possibly keeping a family heirloom around longer.

“I mean it’s just really fun to see how everything changes throughout the generations,” said Weiberg.

Weiberg offers classes at Broken Broom.

To sign up for one, call: 218-780-6054.

For more information, head to the Broken Broom Facebook page.

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